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Fueling Success

There are many facets to success.

  1. You must have a dream – a target that you’re shooting for.
  2. You must believe in yourself.
  3. You have to take massive action with an attitude that you are willing to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes.

Then and only then is success realistic.

More than anything else, your desire will determine if you will make it. How bad do you want it? Is your dream something that you’d like to do? Is it something that would be nice to do? Or is it something that you are obsessive over?

Your determination to realize your dream depends upon your obsession with it. How bad you want it determines what will make you quit. A burning desire allows a person with average ability to successfully compete with those who have far more ability. Desire allows you to give it everything you’ve got. It helps you reach your full potential. Intense desire allows people to win against overwhelming odds.

If your dream is not an obsession, as soon as you come across obstacles, you’ll quit. As soon as the challenge of reaching your dream becomes an inconvenience or uncomfortable, you’ll give up. Success is not convenient or comfortable. In order to succeed you will need to get comfortable being uncomfortable – for long periods of time. That’s why it’s so important to be driven, excited, and passionate about your dream. If your “why?” is big enough, the “how” will take care of itself. 

To succeed, you need to know how to feed your desire. The more you feed your desire, the harder it is to quit. Most of the mental training we do as high performance athletes is designed to do two things – to strengthen our belief level, and to fuel our desire. How do you do that? How do you turn your dream into a magnificent obsession? 

You surround yourself with the dream. You put pictures of your dream all around you. The walls in my office are covered with memorabilia. By surrounding myself with the dream, all day long I’m bombarding my mind with where I want to go. If I daydream, I daydream of great performance, better drills or mechanical processes to improvise ability. 

I talk to everyone about my dream. I think about my dream all day long and I dream about my dream all night long. I vividly imagine what it’s going to feel like when I’m walking into the biggest stages in the world with my athletes performing at the highest levels. 

Writing about my dream is also a powerful exercise because writing your dreams and goals is an act of commitment that becomes ingrained in your subconscious mind. Whenever you put your thoughts down on paper your mind gets very focused and intense. 

Do the same with your dream. Get obsessed! Get focused! And Make it happen!

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