About Me

Hi, I’m Jason White

who am i

I am The FITNESS Coach, earned this title after aligning a boot camp with a nutrition company and helping set a workout world record, feeding nearly half a million children in eleven countries. I made it my life’s work to arm others with success principles that provoke immediate growth and leadership development. I use my post-graduate education, a decade of coaching experience, four NCAA Academic Awards, three Bowl Championship Titles, a special teams MVP and all-purpose yards leader award as tools to equip and inspire others to reach their highest and best.

As an entrepreneur and trusted coach to athletes and families, I bring the expertise needed to quickly get to the heart of performance deficiencies, identify solutions and illuminate the path of progress. My unique vantage point has set me apart from the noise as a voice of practical application and inspiration for my clients.

Jason White

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My TRAiNING principle

When you apply simple principles and implement sustainable routines, your performance often launches you higher than your highest imaginings.


Satisfaction that speaks

“It was a fantastic experience. I took away some great tactics to try with my family. The helpful hints were great. I am excited to see you next year."
“It was great! And were very helpful! It was super informative and the instruction was great. The takeaways were simple! Just great!"
“I loved it! My questions were answered. I learned a few new things I want to try. Thank you Jason for making it fun. We definitely want you back again!”